SHIVA NATARAJ Dances: How Everything Changed When Nikola Tesla Met Swami Vivekananda


SCALAR TANGO IN Zero Point Field

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Society honours its live “matrix-trapped conformists” and dead “freethinking troublemakers”.

All those who thought the great levitated cosmic dance of Lord Shiva mentioned in our ancient texts was mere Hindu religious gibberish in Sanskrit hymns – read on.

All energy is a spiral, rather a vortex — there is nothing called a wave that you see in physics books.

Our blood contains the electrogenetic coil in the shape of DNA — the sacred spiral.

The mysterious Spiral is a uniting symbol for all the subjects: cosmology, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, ancient civilizations, megalithic cultures and all occult belief systems.

In real nature, in the proverbial real “real world”, there is no such thing as a circle.   This is the naked truth. Nature is in constant evolution—It can never ever be a circle; rather, it is a SPIRAL which swings on and on, upwards, higher and higher still, ever changing, where not a single thing remains the same from one loop to the next, forever and ad infinitum.
Even magnetism is a spiral.

Our enchanted world is in full forward flow. It must. It was never designed to stand still and sink into chaos and entrophy.
Empty space is not empty at all!

The vacuum is actually a plenum. It contains an abundant amount of energy, the zero point energy.

There is a cosmic dance of energy back and forth between the physical realm and the zero point field, a constant creation and destruction of matter from the void.

The continuous flow of energy in and out of the material world is THE COSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA.  This is different from the tamas-rajas or yin-yang.

What follows has been seen and understood by the ancient Indian Vedic seers by resonating their king sized transceiver pineal glands — thousands of years ago.

The Vedic civilization is the oldest in the world [in the current age]. It flourished on the banks of the river Saraswati from 9000 BC to 4000 BC. The river dried up due to a block on the glacial mouth in the Himalayas due to a tectonic plate shift. The sages have 12 strand DNA and king sized resonating pineals glands.

By the way, ever since a grander, bigger and older Stonehenge (by 2 millenniums) was unearthed at Arkaim, in Cheliabinsk, Russia and Putin went there to check out the SWASTIKA symbol on pottery, the whole world has started claiming this symbol for themselves. Even the Greek claimed it on their helmets. I must put it on record here the great Aryan Emperor Vikramaditya ruled from Jerusalem to Urals to Vietnam in 7000 BC, and the Swastika was his royal seal. The Swastika is always found on the palm of Shiva’s son Ganesha or Ganapathi. 


Lord Ganesha with swastika on open right hand

Ganesha sitting on a inset of the Swastika has been unearthed at Harappa/Mohenjodaro pottery too in the Indus valley. Hitler stole the Swastika symbol, after the Vatican and  the Rothschilds (opium drug cartel kingpin and owner of British East India company ) spread the false Vatican sponsored rumor that blonde Boris Becker-type Aryans invaded India. IT was never the case.   Aryans traveled OUT of India in 4000 BC to the west toward Sumeria and Mesopotamia.  Dryuhus (Druids) of Harry Potter series went up North.  DNA tests clearly bear out the fact that even the Dravidians of south India (like me) have the same DNA as the North Indians.

Getting back–

Our DNA, which can be influenced by scalar waves and acoustics (mantras) can send and receive powerful data through a universal network of ether  The primary function of our DNA is not protein synthesis, as biologists will tell you , but the reception and transfer of electromagnetic energy.

The entirety of thermodynamics is represented by the narrow infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is insignificant in a context from 0 Hertz to infinite Hertz.  We have much to learn, especially where thermodynamics and electromagnetism meet.

We can tap into the Zero Point Energy field.  Positrons emanate from “the quantum vacuum”  and get annihilated. These are energy oscillations at zero degrees Kelvin, where all activity in an atom ceases.

It is called vacuum energy because it is descriptive of the energy in a perfect vacuum, where no light or matter is present. In this state, random electromagnetic oscillations can still be observed, meaning that there is still some energy present.  Such RESIDUAL energy is enormous and a cup of it could boil off the planet’s oceans in a few seconds.

For a diatomic (two atoms) molecule, for example, the zero-point energy per mole, E0, can be given by the equation:

E0 = y N h c f

where N is the Avogadro constant number of 6.0221367 × 1023 ,   h is Planck’s constant of 6.626 × 10-34 joule-seconds, c is the velocity of light in vacuum of 299,792,458 m/sec , and f is the frequency of vibration depending on the mass of the molecule, (which is different  for different isotopes of the same element).

This is the zero point effect resulting from a very complex scalar-wave interaction between electromagnetic fields and matter.

A scalar wave is far different from a regular wave in that a scalar wave goes in all directions into the surroundings. A vector quantity has magnitude and direction while a scalar quantity has only magnitude.

Newton’s famous law of inertia of classical physics states that inertia is the product of mass and acceleration, F= m * a.  He got it wrong.  Inertia is simply the resistance, the drag that objects experience when accelerated in the zero point field. The energy in between the atoms is referred to as the vacuum or the ether (akasha) and is chaotic, unpatterned, zero-point energy. The quantity of the energy is limitless. Tapping the zero-point energy means making one or more energy patterns reverberate, which will cause extra energy to follow suit, just like acoustic amplification in a wind instrument or Bose-wave radio. That is how “free energy”, “over-unity machines”, “zero point energy”, or “fuelless generators” really work.  No colleges teach this and no experts can imagine this — super-genius Nikola Tesla could. He was introduced to this akasha concept by the great Indian master Vivekananda.  Ordinary electromagnetic waves are transverse waves, while scalar waves are longitudinal.  Strangely these scalar waves do not actually exist in our “material” world,  but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain.
There are only a little over 100 types of unique atoms in all the Universe that we know of.  All that we see is built out of these and out of a combination of these.  All atoms are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons, except hydrogen which has no neutron.  No atom is different than the other except in number:  Helium, Calcium, Titanium, Tin, whatever; they are all the same thing . . . except in number.

Vivekananda and Tesla (both in black) sitting next to each other.

Swami Vivekananda and Nikola Tesla (both in black) sitting next to each other.

They follow an orderly mathematical progression.  Dimitry Mendeleyev noted that Indian Sanskrit grammarian Panini could think about this progression in alphabets of a language 7000 years ago.  Hydrogen, the simplest atom, has 1 proton in the nucleus and 1 electron in orbit.  Helium has 2.  3 protons in the nucleus and 3 electrons in orbit is no longer a gas,  it is like magic Lithium, a silver-white lightweight metal of atomic number 3.  It goes on and on to Seaborgium which has 106 protons in the nucleus and electron configuration 2-8-18-32-32-12-2.

Therefore, the difference between all matter is electromagnetic energy created by the different number of these charged particles, not in the basic make up of these particles as individuals.  The reason Nitrogen and Oxygen are such different gases cannot be that Nitrogen has 7 protons and 7 electrons and that Oxygen has 8 of each. Hence, it is the different amount of electromagnetic energy that that one proton and one electron make which changes the substance.

The understanding of chemical bonding has been  fundamentally transformed by quantum mechanics, as in Schrödinger’s wave equations. New fields in physics emerged after Newtons ideas were discarded into the dustbin of history , in favor of quantum mechanics and relativity — solid-state physics, condensed-matter physics, superconductivity, nuclear physics, and elementary particle physics —  all of these found a consistent basis in quantum mechanics.  No fundamental deficiencies have been found in quantum mechanics over the past 7 decades.

Again, the difference is not in the makeup of the particles, but in the space between the particles in orbit (electrons) and the nucleus (with protons).

That space is the substance of everything. That space is electromagnetic energy.  That space is “reality.”  That space is the atom.  Electromagnetism is the substance of everything.  In essence, that “space” is the substance of all structure.

The electrons, protons and neutrons are only a small part of the atom.  It is the space between them that is, ironically, the “substance.”

Within the electromagnetic force of the atom is the key to everything:  creation, transmutation . . . limitless power.

Water molecule is H2O.  In other words, 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen.  Two gases combine to make a liquid.  It is not a material difference:  the protons are still protons, the electrons still electrons.
Electromagnetic energy has been affected by the proximity of these charged particles making up the atoms.  A new substance is created.  Amazing, right?

The electron spins around the nucleus (or center) of an atom and is responsible for electrical and chemical actions. Time is a measure of the phase cycle of an electron.  UTC is based on an atomic clock.

When an electron is made to rise up to another shell or orbit and some energy was needed for this shift upwards to be done – this energy is the ZERO point energy.  When an electron in orbit around the nucleus of an atom drops to a lower, less energetic orbit, a photon containing the energy equivalent to the electron’s energy drop is emitted.

This explains why light and other forms of electromagnetic energy such as gamma rays  are sometimes observed as particles and other times as waves. The heated filament of a light bulb is an example of photon production.

Scalar waves interact with atomic nuclei, rather than with electrons.  Scalar EM pulse does not react with the orbital electron shells of an atom, but passes directly into the nucleus and is absorbed there.

Scalar waves are very different from electromagnetic waves.  They can travel over immense distances with no loss of energy at super-luminal speed (faster than light!).

Scalar waves can be regarded as electromagnetic longitudinal sound waves.

These longitudinal waves are force-free, except when they come in touch with matter and can be used for healing at a distance, for a cure for specific diseases or to fight the aging process that physical reality itself is deterministically tunable, changeable, engineerable, and not fixed at all. This is the Reiki universal life force energy— which even the Japanese founder Dr.  Mikao Usui, who re-invented it from Indian Vedic times, did not understand.

The speed of light (communication), or electron to electron reaction, is slower than the speed of gravity, or quark to quark reaction. The higher the scalar wave frequency, the faster the time rate.


Quarks make up protons and neutrons inside the nucleus of atoms. If Quarks are confined inside neutrons and protons, how do we know they are there, or even exist at all?

The answer to that is from particle accelerators – huge acceleration rings built underground like the one at CERN in Switzerland.   Particles such as a proton are accelerated faster and faster round the ring, then at some incredible speed, they are collided at one of 4 ‘inner tracker’ targets situated on the ring.  They then collide there and split up, giving sub-particle traces.

Collision Energy will be 1150 TeV (that’s only 150 times the energy of motion of a dang flying mosquito—that is the funny part ).

The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) demonstrates the reverse process. Photons, the particle-like energy packets that constitute light radiation, from a super powerful short-pulse glass laser, producing a half trillion watts of power in a beam 6 micrometers  across, were arranged to interact with a pulsed beam of high-energy electrons. Some of the photons collided with the electrons, gaining a huge energy boost, and recoiled back along the line of the laser beam. A number of those energetic photons collided with oncoming laser photons and, in so doing, sufficiently broke down the vacuum to produce pairs of electrons and positrons.

The experiment marked the first time that the creation of matter from radiation had been directly observed.  Pair production (the formation of a positron and an electron) happens when electromagnetic energy interacts with matter. This is the “Cosmic Dance of Shiva”, envisioned in their third eye or Iridium charged and soma-resonated pineal gland  by Himalayan masters thousand of years ago, without a accelerator.

Digression: Newton of 18th Century is called the father of Calculus.  Bhaskara, the great Indian mathematician invented Calculus a thousand years before Newton, for calculating rates of change, gradients of curves  and the calculation of lengths, areas and volumes. We in India know that our great Sanskrit texts on Shiva’s cosmic dances went missing before Quantum Theory could give birth in the West. Newton lifted wholesale from the Calculus book of Parameshwara.

Wherever there is an electric current, there will always be a magnetic field at a right angle to it.  Magnetism goes hand in hand with electricity.

The electron is considered a negative charged particle, while the proton is regarded as a positive charged particle; hence, the attraction between them.  A neutron is considered a neutral charge and capable of taking either charge .

The atom is like a solar system as most of it empty space. The structure of the atom is energy in a confined space between revolving charged particles.   The electrons, protons and neutrons are only a small part of the atom.  It is the space between them that is,  ironically, the “substance.”   The space in this case is filled with electromagnetic energy.

What is this atomic formula?—take a guess.


It is the most complex molecule known to man:  The human red blood cell.

It is something so tiny one needs a high powered microscope in order to see it.  The speed with which the red blood cell carries out its complex functions is incredible.  The complex data it carries is even more mindboggling.

All matter is not only mostly energy, but it is mostly space.  The red blood cell thusly translates to 102,408 charged particles making up the atoms of its structure.  These same particles are what are in your computer key board, a wall, a car, rubber, anything.  The red blood cell is different just because of their arrangement.  The specific arrangement creates the red blood cell.  Remove the space from that red blood cell and no microscope will be able to detect those tiny particles.

It is the same for everything.  Remove the space from it, and you have zilch.

Space has an energy density of 1094 grams per cubic centimeter. To call space a “vacuum” or the “quantum vacuum” is a misnomer because everything that we know about space indicates that it is not empty.

Space is not a vacuum but rather a plenum—an absolute fullness, characterized by nearly infinite energy density and boundless luminosity. Space is literally efflorescing with virtual photons and electron-positron pair production. It is not dead, empty or inert but radiant and shimmering with energetic potential.

This all-pervading continuum or unified field has the features and qualities of what indigenous people called the Great Spirit. The infinite potential of the plenum is our potential.


The sacred geometry above is the 11,000 year old Sri Yantra, formed by 9 interlacing 3D cones.  The red dot in the middle is the Bindu– Modern science has still NOT understood SINGULARITY, the stillpoint in the middle of a black hole.

We are one with the quantum plenum! Our bodies are piezo-electric bio-crystals, resonant transducers of living light and life force.

We have unlimited access to the radiant field of consciousness which is infinite, active, universal intelligence. We all have direct and immediate access to that Zero Point Field, which has been referenced by the spiritual traditions as the Divine Being.

The world we see is three dimensional. Time is the 4th dimension. Thought (or the mind) is beyond the scope of this explanation of the forces of nature, but it is at least one additional dimension.

Simply consider there are 30,000,000,000 red blood cells in the body.  Mathematically, it is possible to determine how many electrons and protons and neutrons make up the blood.  Add the volume of all tissues, of every atom from Calcium to Iron, to whatever.  It is beyond numbers.  Take all the space out of the human body and all these charged particles would form a pile that is so miniscule that it is invisible.

The atoms of our body:  Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, whatever, are the same as those in the wall or your computer, they are in all tune, on the same frequency.

An electric current is nothing more than electron particles traveling along in the same direction, usually along a wire.

If we were to take 1,000,000 volts of high frequency electricity (at 60 cycles alternating current) 1 ampere measurement of electric energy is equal to 63.3 billion billion electrons per second at any given point of the current.  But change the frequency of that electricity.  Change it to 65,000 cycles, and you can channel that 1 million volts through your body and out your fingertips like lightning . . . if metal thimbles are provided to allow a point of discharge.

1,000,000 volts of electricity through a human body while standing on the conductor?. The electrons will pass through harmlessly . . .  All that is required is a change of frequency.  Quantum physics shows that energy of an electron depends on its frequency.

So, one thing is common to all the Universe,  to all material reality — electromagnetic energy.

All atoms are in the state of vortex kinesis. It is spinning energy, an intensified example of the natural state of any matter. An energy vortex, like a magnetic vortex, would have unlimited potential on the wavelengths around this planet since it would disrupt them first.  One would not have to waste time trying to bend them with a huge atomic mass like a planet. Even the great galaxies rotate.  In relation to a galaxy, our solar system is nothing more than a tiny atom.

The vast swirling energy of a typhoon in the Pacific is centered at its imploding vortex core.

A spinning magnetic field (vortex) affects the most mysterious force field of gravity.  The alarming relationship of gravity to a spinning magnetic field opens the door for fruitful discussions of time and space.

Gravity is more than simple attraction.  It is orientation.

Atomic clocks placed at orbital heights recorded time passing just slightly faster than those at sea level—just because gravity is weaker higher up.  The atomic clock installed at US NIST in 1999 , which measures light emitted by supercooled Caesium atoms as they fall though a microwave cavity, can run for 20 million years without losing or gaining a second.

NIST-F1, the nation's primary time and frequency standard, is a cesium fountain atomic clock developed at the NIST laboratories in Boulder, Colorado.

NIST-F1, the nation’s primary time and frequency standard, is a cesium fountain atomic clock developed at the NIST laboratories in Boulder, Colorado.

Where gravity, and hence a curvature of space, was greatest, time moved more slowly; where it was not, more quickly.  The passage of time as we record and experience it here was actually slower than in space.

Gravity is a function of time.  Time is a measure of the phase cycle of an electron. UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is based on an atomic clock.

An intense, non-tuned anti-gravity wave will shatter metals. Sound under water travels at a speed that is five times higher than in the air.  At the equator an object actually falls slower than at the poles.

Time seems influenced by the physical as well:  For instance a higher altitude actually records time passing faster, where gravity and magnetism are weaker.

Gravity can even affect the travel of light. Black holes exist in space, where gravity is so strong the light cannot escape, where not even time can be registered for the clock would stop, where everything vanishes.

Gravity can be reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation.

Dark matter is a constant sea of matter traveling in the opposite direction of the timeline, only appearing for a moment, seeming to travel beyond light-speed, but still exerting gravity.

Gravity is the result of an amount of matter pulling itself together, to create compressive force toward the center, which curves all energy paths in both directions in the 4th dimension.  The closer to center-of-gravity, the faster energy moves; hence, the inward pull of gravity.  The gravity “field” is the area where space-time tries to even itself out.

Newton of apple-bump-on-the-head fame, viewed gravity as an actual force (he did not discover gravity, while on the potty!).  Newtons “isolated systems ” are NOT found in nature. He did NOT understand what he presented to the world as 99% of his work, including calculus was stolen from 6000 year old Vedic era holy books.

That is that two bodies in free space would attract each other by the force of gravity. However, in General Relativity the more informed Einstein states that gravity is not a force, but the curving of space-time up into a higher dimension.

The universe as we know it is made up of four dimensional space-time, three dimensions of space and one of time. But when a mass is present space-time is curved up into the fifth dimension outside of space and time. This means that time and space may be manipulated by the presence of mass, the denser the mass, the greater the warping of space-time.


Einstein worked on the Unified Field Theory (UFT) that tried to explain how electromagnetism and gravity are related. Maxwell showed the link between electricity and magnetism in the late eighteen hundreds, so Einstein tried and failed to include gravity within this theory.

Magnetism is an extension of the weak and strong forces. The electron forces spiral around the proton forces and in most materials the forces just even out like balanced atoms do, but when they interact with certain molecules (iron, cobalt, etc), the energies interact. The repulsive electron forces repel when identically spiraled forces combine (north on north, south on south), and the attractive forces dominate when opposite spiraled forces interact. We can assume that the North Pole is right-hand threaded, and obviously the opposite side would spin the opposite way (South Pole is left-hand threaded).

The forces of nature are ruled by the right-hand rule.

There are three main types of electromagnetic resonance: NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) and Cyclotron Resonance. With NMR atomic nuclei are made to precess under the influence of a magnetic field; then, while in this state, they can absorb electromagnetic energy.  If the energy is of the right frequency, then magnetic resonance occurs. ESR is similar; however, in this case electrons are made to resonate, rather than atomic nuclei. Cyclotron resonance can be applied to any type of charged particle and not just nuclei and electrons.

Light is an electromagnetic process, — invisibility can be caused by bending light around an object.  Why do we see astronomers running to places where there is total solar eclipse?  To observe stars behind the sun!.

The bending of light is known as refraction and is dependent upon the electric and magnetic characteristics of the substance through which it is traveling.  A cyclotronic field may be generated by sweeping a cloud of electrically charged gas (plasma) with a rotating magnetic field. At the same time a high frequency scalar electric field from a  Tesla coil can stimulate the gas molecules into cyclotronic resonance. This is what had been used on the USS Eldridge in the secret Philadelphia Experiment (there is a Hollywood movie on this) and which was conducted by Einstein, Tesla and Von Neumann.

This cyclotronic field could induce electromagnetic energy into matter causing it to rise dimensionally up into hyperspace either by causing NMR/ESR .

John von Neumann was a Hungarian genius of mathematics. Neumann had the ability to turn complex abstract theory into working technology.  Nikola Tesla and John Von Neumann were more intelligent than Albert Einstein.

Only Neumann could understand Tesla’s unique genius.  Neumann is the father of the high speed electronic computer.

When you study higher level physics, it becomes apparent that space and time are inextricably related to each other. It is considered less accurate to refer to just space or time by itself (because they don’t exist by themselves). That would be like saying your mouth ate the dinner.

Consciousness of time can be likened to a deep hypnosis which causes one to be in sympathy with the various frequencies and pulses of the physical universe where our human brain is in reality none other than a biological space-time energy transducer. As such, it creates not only space, but also time. When scalar beams charge through hyperspace the flow of time gets redirected temporarily.

When scalar waves are created by a dipole, such as a battery, a generator or a permanent magnet with two poles, the polarization of charge will create scalar waves that rush between the dipole and the vacuum. Every dipole in the universe, from the atom with its positive and negative charges, to the Earth and the Sun with its magnetic fields and all the other heavenly bodies in the universe, radiate scalar waves.  Therefore, scalar waves are everywhere in the universe; they fill the vacuum of space making it a plenum of zero point energy.

The Famous Tesla Tower erected in Shoreham, Long Island, New York was 187 feet high, the spherical top was 68 feet in diameter.

The Famous Tesla Tower erected in Shoreham, Long Island, New York was 187 feet high, the spherical top was 68 feet in diameter.

In the early 20th century Nikola Tesla was the first to discover the scalar wave. He used induction coils to create these scalar waves.

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, a magnetic field inside of a magnetic metal core (thick square frame shape), with two small control coils and two larger generator coils with a control circuit uses magnetism to tap zero-point energy.

Einstein’s Relativity was, of course, E = mc2 — that is, energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.   It means that there is an incredible amount of energy in any object, if we could just get at it in the nucleus of its atoms.

Monoatomic elements can be used for regeneration of cells and DNA repair. They are abundant in seawater, dirt, rock, plants, fresh water, and the air.  Monatomic elements can be uptaken from food, especially from organic plant material grown in certain volcanic areas.

However, no antioxidant is as powerful as thought.

In a high spin state the atom interacts with the zero point and space-time differently. (Investigation of this monatomic phenomena maybe the key to The Grand Unified Theory for electromagnetic forces, nuclear forces and gravity.) According to monatomic theory these atoms in a high spin state are used by life to superconduct consciousness and energy.

Superconductors and lasers are the best known examples of quantum coherence—communication between atom and atom proceeds via state resonance

Zero Point Field—the mother of all fields—provides the ultimate holographic blueprint of the world for all time, past and future. It is this that we tap into when we see the past or future.

Scalar waves might be the point of fundamental intersection where matter and consciousness can influence each other. Their effect is independent of distance and time, and is 4 times stronger than that of electromagnetic fields.

They are prior to, that is more fundamental than magnetic fields and they transmit information, not energy. The transmission of scalar information creates consciousness fields— Morphogenic Fields. They cannot be detected by the usual instruments for measuring electric and magnetic fields, which work by interacting with electron flow and energy transmission

Scalar wavelengths belong to the subtle gravitational field and are also known as gravitic waves. Uniquely, they flow in multiple directions at right angles off electromagnetic waves, as an untapped energy source called ‘potentials’.  Potentials are particles which are unorganized in hyperspace – pure etheric energy not manifest in the physical world. In comparison, electromagnetic waves exist normally in the physical world, but can only be measured up to levels determined by the sensitivity of the equipment being used as to how many cycles per second they operate.

Kundalini: The Coiled Serpent Located at the Base of the Human Spine

Kundalini, the subtle energy propounded by Indian Rishis thousands of years ago, residing like a coiled serpent in the base of the spine in a latent state (for deliverance from this world to a higher one of supreme truth), has scalar wave origins. Kundalini and the healing energy of Reiki master healers are one and the same.

Eshwara Shiva Bijapur Karnataka 04

The serpent draped on Shiva indicates the release and full flowering of the Kundalini energy.

Scalar waves are capable of acting on living organisms at a sub-atomic level, and certain frequencies of scalar have been shown to destroy viruses and bacteria. And since telepathic messages between organisms seem to be able to pass through lead enclosures, such ESP may not be communicated on the electromagnetic scale, but through scalar waves.

Scalar waves propagate at faster-than-light speed except when transmitting scalar information on electromagnetic carrier waves. If something travels faster than light, it means that it can penetrate any matter as though it wasn’t there. Therefore, scalar waves pervade all matter and cannot be shielded against by Faraday cages. Reiki healing waves pass through the earth.

Kundalini which exhibits pronounced psychic and trans-temporal effects is the ‘channel’ that connects the unmanifest void, with the manifest world of subatomics, atoms, molecules and cells, and is the cellular expression of energy generated from the vacuum.

Kundalini buffers the harshness of bare reality.  Increased heart field and EMF of the nervous system during peak kundalini experiences, acts like a biological synchrotron to actually change certain elements in the central nervous system into their high spin monatomic state. Scalar waves encode the information of space and time into a timeless, spaceless quantum shorthand of interference patterns.

Kundalini has the  effect of stimulating an increased flow of ions upping the body’s dipole and increasing the EMF. A cell possesses two characteristics—capacitance and inductance—which are the elements of a tuned circuit like a radio. The cell must be tuned to the desired frequency needed to sustain life.

5% of our nervous system is composed of monatomic elements. Over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight is Rhodium and Iridium. During heightened activation the body can transmute certain palladium group elements such as Iridium and Rhodium into their high spin state by adding energy in the form of photons to the atoms.

It is through this high spin atomic nervous system that we achieve cosmic consciousness, Buddha mind and all ESP as well as experience sublime spiritual phenomena.

A famous experiment was done by Casimir which proved the energy could be tapped, When two non magnetic plates were placed close together they started to attract and the attraction got exponentially stronger the closer the plates were from each other.  It was then realised that ZPE was causing this effect, known as the the Casimir Effect. The Casimir force is the ultimate cause of friction in the nano-world, in particular in some micro-electromechanical systems, like tiny mechanical devices which triggers a car airbag to inflate.


Sonoluminescence is another display of ZPE in action.  In this action high intensity ultrasound (>20 Kh ) cavitation is used on a bath of water with Argon added.   The water glows a bright blue (blue-shifted) which is found to be on the ZPE spectrum, then it bubbles violently.  ZPE gathers on the 100 micron bubble surfaces and when the bubbles implode, massive energy is released creating temperatures of 5500 degrees C greater than the surface of the sun, and pressures greater than 2000 bars, for less than 1 millionth of a second .  You can see this in the Hollywood thriller Chain Reaction starring Morgan Freeman.

There are antigravity toys on the market which use electromagnet ZPE effects . One of these is a spinning top, which when spun levitates in thin air.

The potentials are the cause, the fields are the effects. In simple terms, pure magnetism and sound are the potentials. Electricity is the field.

Magnetism and sound do not “travel” as such, for they are inherently enfolded in space and are present everywhere. It is the disturbance that travels. On the other hand, electrical charge, hence electricity, does travel, because it needs a physical medium.  It is obvious that physics books do NOT understand transverse magnetism, longitudinal sound or gravity.

The human ear only collects sound waves. It then translates these sound waves into electrical impulses and sends them to the brain. The brain translates these impulses into actual sounds. If you can directly send the electrical signal (which describes the voice) straight to the subject’s brain. Then the subject will hear the sound without actually hearing it through the ears. The ears are completely bypassed in this hearing process. Deaf people can talk on the phone by putting electrodes into their ears. Blind people can see patterns of light by putting electrodes in the back of the brain.

Scalar waves are not blocked by Faraday cages or other kind of shieldings; they are emitted by living systems.  And, they appear to be intimately involved in scalar electromagnetics which is a unified field theory of electromagnetics and gravitation, since it recaptures the scalar wave portion of electromagnetics.


The brain receives and sends out scalar waves.  Human brain waves contain hidden order. Extreme low frequency bands (ELF) of human brainwaves clearly show that hidden deterministic substructures of hidden electromagnetic order exist concealed inside human brainwaves.  We are steadily contaminating and poisoning the entire planetary potential, and each and every year we are dramatically increasing this deadly effect via HAARP.

Each cell has its own individual bio-quantum potentialThe planet is a living being,  each cell has its own individual bio-quantum potential, each molecule has its own electromagnetic signature.

Our DNA is capable of producing and receiving sound (phonons) and light (photons).  The DNA is a kind of a lens which can attract electromagnetic energy into itself.  Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal.

Cells themselves have the ability to perfectly reprogram their own DNA when the external environment demands it.  Life is fundamentally electromagnetic, not biochemical; the DNA blueprint functioning as a bio-hologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form.  DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and scalar waves; our DNA can even be “read” or “rewritten” as a textual (and acoustic!) genetic code.

Hence no antioxidant can be as powerful as thought.  Cymatics has demonstrated the power of acoustics ( mantras ).



The Hindu King of Mantra, OM or AUM, is the trigger for Quantum tunneling and wormholes. Breaking a coconut with intention, is the trigger for a quantum butterfly effect and soliton waves.

Yes—mind is over matter.

The ancient Indian Maharishis were masters of Soliton waves and using resonance. Tesla wanted to resonate the natural nodes of this planet. 

Swami Vivekananda told Tesla to prove all this mathematically on paper, as directed by his Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, who did NOT speak English.  Dalton understood Vedic Anu and the whizzing Electrons, but only super-genius Tesla could understand Akasha, the space between the electrons.. 

The BRAHMA ASTRA of Ramayana and Mahabharata wars in 4000 B.C. was a destructive scalar howitzer. Tesla experimented with a primitive Brahma Astra at Tunguska in Siberia, after his meeting with Vivekananda. Tesla died with the Brahma Astra (Scalar Interferometer) knowledge in his head, as he did NOT want to give this destructive Vedic technology to the US Military and the Vatican, as promised to Vivekananda. It was to help mankind, NOT to destroy or enslave. 

The lesser Astras (missiles) were Thorium-based Nuclear weapons. Examples: Agneyastra, Garudastra, Narayanastra, Pashupatastra, Vaishnavastra, Varunastra, Vayuvastra, etc. —  Prince Arjuna and Prince Rama of Ramayana / Mahabharata wars went to Kerala to make weapons (Thorium, which hold 150 times more power than Uranium is found in the Monazite sands of Kerala — the Number 1 spot on the planet.)  

The ancient Vedic Maharshis did complex equations inside their heads. They did spherical Trigonometry for Astrology and amazing Sri Yantra (which contains the Theory of Everything) geometrical gymnastics inside their heads. 

If you want to know the speed of Vedic Mathematics type in “Shakuntala Devi” or “Srinivasa Ramanujam”  in a Google search. These two bothered to impress the white man by traveling abroad on invitation. Others never cared, as patenting knowledge in a rabid manner like Edison is NOT part of Hindu Dharma. Edison held more patents for Phonograph than the total number of parts it contained by bribing the Patents house. Out of this 6 are for the wooden cabinet !!!

Opposing forces Tamas and Rajas are connected through consciousness (yin-yang).  The middle prong of Shiva’s trident is Sattwa. It is about quantum possibility vortex vibrations, between two poles, we call the cosmic dance of Shiva from either side of the Quantum screen ….


Lord Shiva with Trident

Together they express the great void at absolute peace with itself. To activate the third eye of Shiva, or to perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland (seat of the soul) and the pituitary glands (body) must vibrate in resonance to create a field. This is represented by Samudra manthan in Hindu mythology, where Mount Meru is used to churn the oceans for Amrit or Ambrosia in a to and fro movement, representing vibrations. The amrit of the ambrosia or Soma is the holy grail.  This is what the Templar knights got after excavating King Solomon’s temple. Soma is a divine LSD — rather a million times more powerful DMT. A 12 strand Maharishi with NIL junk DNA can produce it naturally, by resonating his pineal gland with his DNA, and achieve telepathy and psychic teleportation. The psychedelic journeys are accessed and experienced within the realms of the pineal gland. Serotonin has the same chemical structure as this hallucinogenic substance Soma. Serotonin is transformed into melatonin only in the pineal gland. Decline in melatonin is the trigger for the aging process, for Melatonin is the super-oxidant of nature. The hormone Melatonin, induces sleep, while Serotonin, keeps you happy and in a balanced mental state of mind.  PROZAC raises serotonin. The pineal gland produces Pinoline, (6-methoxy-tetra-dydro-beta carboline, or 6-MeO-THBC ).  Pinoline also resonates with the very pulse of life 7.83 Hertz, the pulse the DNA uses to replicate, and which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of all successful healers, regardless of belief or faith. The OM king of mantras is 7.843 hertz. Resonance can vibrate the pineal gland, to release Nuerotransmitter seratonin, melatonin, DMT, etc.  If you have a strong enough sense of consciousness, you will taste a huge pituitary release in the back of your mouth and sinuses and throat, it is referred to as ambrosia (amrit — mental orgasm discharge) . This is a result of DMT production. DMT is the spirit molecule that bends space-time. Pineal DMT is the chemical messenger which links body and spirit. Dimethyltryptamine, is a psychedelic tryptamine.  Pinoline enables the threshold levels of DMT to become active in the brain, but it requires an instant bungee jump induced adrenaline burst.  DMT with Pinoline increases brain activation multi-fold. You can’t observe the quantum world without your Pineal gland — the other 5 senses have too narrow bandwidths. Quantum physics has showed the ancient Indian Yogis were NOT mere dreamers of cosmic consciousness, where our bodies, our brain and the mind, as inextricably joined with other matter and the mega dipole of universe. There is indeed a connection between consciousness and tangled state quantum phenomena.  Indian Vedic maharishis had the inherent ability to go on either side of the narrow band of five human senses. THEY COULD TRANSCEND THE SENSES AND LIMITATION OF SPACE-TIME. They firmly believed that the invisible below the quantum screen gives rise to the visible. At the time of death Serotonin and Melatonin in the brain breaks down to Dimethyltryptamine or DMT, C12 N2 H16, just after the oxygen stops circulating. This is the moment for the ultimate DMT trip. You see your whole past life as FRACTAL divine geometry. When you consume Soma, colours, sounds and numbers all show up as fractal geometry. What you have learnt in the past is of no use to you. As you breathe in, the oxygen enters your brain and causes an explosion of fractal colours. To the spiritual Eastern mind, the story of SAMUDRA MANTHAN produces amazing acts of faith like the Kumbh Melab, which has been going on for 6000 years. Tamas and Rajas are conscious of each other.  Amrit reveals the fractal nature of consciousness.  Amrit is NOT external, it is produced inside your head.  All you need to know is how to produce it by your own mind. 12 strand DNA which ancient Maharishis had, has now degraded to 2 strand DNA. These 12 strand DNA maharishis with fully raised the Kundalinis, can read Akashic Records, and convert them from fractal geometry for daily life use. The cobra on Lord Shiva ‘s shoulders shows the raised Kundalini and open third eye. This Self Realization (the permanent opening the third eye), is the ultimate goal of consciousness.

The timeless spiritual wisdom of the 7000 year old Vedas will roar to life after Dec 21st 2012 — the veil of Maya or delusion over the third eye will be ripped asunder—as the first step towards upgrading the 2 strand 97% junk DNA to 12 strand with no junk DNA.

Written by Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
Graphics arranged by Cosmic Convergence Research Group